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Bruce Woollen Mill

Bruce Woollen Mill Milton

The Bruce Woollen Mill was established in 1897. But after a disastrous fire four years later in 1901, only the brick walls were left standing. It was completely rebuilt and in 1923 renovations were done to enlarge the building, including the addition of the office block.

It was originally a vertical woollen and worsted manufacturing mill making blankets, rugs and apparel fabric. The mill was taken over by Alliance Textiles in 1962.

The classical styled office building and the main mill structure afford interesting photo opportunities, while early photos and other items can be viewed in the mini museum attached to the mill shop.

In April 2012 the Bruce Woollen Mil Ltd was re-established by a consortium of Wool Equities Ltd, and a group of manufacturers and wholesalers. The Mill was re-opened in May 2012 as a manufacturer of woollen, merino possum, wstd and hand knitting yarns.

Addition; January 2016: Unfortunately, the Bruce Woollen Mill has recently gone into receivership, which is a great loss to the local community.

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